Digital Luxury Agency




Luxury for your digital projects

The agency is specialized in luxury thus we bring many different styles and crafts when it comes to digital strategy or art direction of UX design and UI design. At a high level of experience in said luxury, we collaborated with many international brands, like :
LVMH, Alain Ducasse,le Bon marché, or more recently, Charles Jourdan.

An expert vision for you digital projects

Understanding client expectations and offer a design aligning with said expectations is the premise of any good collaboration.

We strive to analyze and determine a design aligning with the budget, function and desire of the client.

To achieve such a feat, our digital luxury agency stands on its expertise in communication and digital marketing to offer the best possible product to the client.

Strategy adapted to your demands

Filled with suggestions, clear and simple in its many parts, striking in looks, coherent and functional and finally different from other competitors. These five guidelines are the essentials when it comes to digital strategy and found themselves at the heart of our collaboration with our clients.

An intuitive platform

To optimize the user experience, it is necessary to think about the practical use of the design before embellishing the website, users being able to browse with ease is one of the key difference between a functional and a failed website. This step being so important to the conception of a website we put a lot of emphasis on the UX design.

It starts by analyzing the navigation paths of the users to then suggest fixes and a functional prototype able to satisfy clients.

A design that speaks for your identity

The message put forward with a company’s identity has to be illustrated properly. Thanks to the Uni agency you will be able to have a functional and striking website that can let users know what you are about instantly.

Video content adapted to your needs

The video creation process finds itself at the heart of our expertise. Thanks to our creative team, we master every step of the conception. From the architecture to the realization we offer brands motion designed videos to fit their client’s needs on their service. Find out more about it here motion design

Multifunctional websites

Nowadays online shopping must be available from anywhere and on the go, Uni is well equipped to ensure that your website is available to anyone and on any device.

24 Sèvres


The Uni agency signed off on the new online shopping platform for the luxury brand 24 sèvres.

Nunchi gallery


Uni has been trusted with the digital strategy and creation of the Nunchy gallery website to increase traffic and visibility.